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Machete has been a beatmaker since 2004. He has studied sound engineering at university level and has experience in mastering and mixing different genres, including house and rock. While he primarily produces hiphop and RnB, he does not shy away from different sub-genres such as for example old school boom bap, contemporary synth bangers, hardcore or acoustic beats. With a great interest in hiphop as a whole, the range in machetes production is wide and varied.

Machete is of Spanish and Swedish descent and currently lives in Oslo/Norway. He grew up there but also in Stockholm and Charlestown/Sweden. During the youth years he came in contact with many different elements on the Swedish hiphop scene and has a great contact network with different people in different areas.

Machete is a STIM member and Machete Productions is VAT registered.

Except for producing music, Machete can also offer mixing, mastering and tailor-suited jingles, sound branding, background music for web pages, movies, games etc.

Exclusively record companies and signed artists are considered customers. For prices and conditions, read more in the Beats section. For contact information, please visit Contact on this web page.


          - Steinberg Cubase, Wavelab plus additional complementing programs. Experience in
            working in Logic, Reason, Pro Tools, Fruity Loops and many other programs as well.
          - Balanced and shielded equipment with dedicated hardware for music production.
          - Access to acoustic recording possibilities locally.

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